Located on Cambridge research park Oval are an innovative company aiming to improve the medical technologies on a global scale.

Oval required a lab environment to undertake their medicinal research at the same time as also needing an office space to document and design new equipment.

ML Interiors was asked to carry out a number of packages across a 20 week program by the main contractor to help achieve this by creating a lab area on the ground floor within a 7300 ft2 warehouse then installing offices and breakout area to a newly built mezzanine, built over half of the ground floor.

Project Specification:


  • 3.6m high 100mm double skin soundbloc partitions – British Gypsum specification.
  • 4.2m high 198mm jumbo double skin soundbloc partitions – British Gypsum specification.
  • 30/30 Fire rated half solid half glazed partitions – Imola Fire Screens and British Gypsum specification.
  • 6m high gypliner partitions to the perimeter walls – British Gypsum specification.
  • 60 Minute fire rated gypliner to perimeter walls within loading area – British Gypsum specification.
  • 30 and 60 minute fire rated laminate doors, within timber frames, including all leaf types and double swing door set – Lab requirements achieved.
  • Double glazed Fyotto doors in Aluminium frames.
  • Single and double glazed partitions – QIC
  • Mineral fibre tiled ceilings throughout – Rockfon.
  • Acoustic poly pads above ceiling tiles – Eliminating acoustic issues.
  • 60 minute fire rated MF plasterboard ceilings to lab areas – British Gypsum specification.
  • Double glazed aluminium doors – Fyotto Doors.